About Brianna

Brianna Went

Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant

I received my certification in 2017 and have helped many families achieve their goals to improve their child’s sleep. Two of my greatest passions are babies/toddlers and helping people. When I discovered that I could join them and make a career out of it, I was pleasantly surprised. But it really isn’t about building a career as much as it is about equipping and empowering families to lay the necessary foundations to sleep well. Being a mother myself, I understand how detrimental sleep deprivation can be on the whole family. I am truly honoured when a family reaches out to me for help. I recognise that not all techniques are suitable for every family and am passionate about finding the best solution for yours. Those who reach out for help find more than a kind, gentle person who values their parenting approach and gives them information… They find someone who will stick by them until they have seen results. I make it my personal goal to be your biggest cheerleader. I want you to feel as good about the process as you do about the results.


 Brianna has worked around our medical issues as well as to my parenting style. I’ve never felt pressured to try something I wasn’t comfortable with and have felt supported the whole way.


Brianna is a miracle worker! She set out a plan for us to work with and within days I noticed a difference in my daughter’s sleep. I highly recommend using Brianna’s services.


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